Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Introduction and Goals

Hi. My name is Joe and I am a fan of math. I'm also a fan of money, and I think I can use one to get the other. I'm 32 and in my time, I've seen math come into play just about everywhere. Lately, I've seen a lot of great examples of people using math to further their acheivements where you might not expect it (such as athletic competitions). I want to use math to win the lottery.

OK... I know... Everybody and their brother has tried all kinds of methods to increase their odds of winning. I'm not claiming to revolutionize the act of putting a buck on a lottery ticket and crossing your fingers. I also don't expect to win the jackpot. I just want to test some theories for fun. Yeah... I sound like a blast at parties, don't I?

So... How about the goals, then? I have a couple goals. First, I would like to generate a nice amount of data about the odds of winning using various methods for number selection and the odds of winning playing your same numbers over and over. Once I have all my data, I want to do some test runs without actually forking over any cash. If I come up with a reasonable amount of success, I then would like to put my theories to use with real cash.

From time to time, I will post methods, theories, and actual numbers. If you blow your paycheck based on this info, don't cry to me. However, if your drop a buck or two on a game and win anything worth bragging about, please comment about it in a post and tell a friend about my blog.

OK... Back to generating numbers. My first stats will be up shortly.

P.S. All my tests will use the Powerball as the lotto system of choice, since I'm in Arizona.

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