Saturday, November 3, 2007

Graphing Lottery Number Frequencies

Since just going by a statistical analysis of a randomly generated set of numbers seems to have failed miserably, I've decided to come back with another approach. This time, we'll take a look at how a random sampling of numbers looks on a graph and then how the previously chosen numbers look. What we're looking for here is any kind of pattern. The graphs aren't pretty because I'm worrying more about making the numbers work.

I started with a simple graphing of 500 white ball numbers chosen randomly:

I've run it a hundred times and it still doesn't reveal any amazing secret. No surprise there. But what about the actual selected PowerBall numbers? The following is a graphical representation of the actual Powerball numbers chosen for almost exactly the last 10 years of drawings (11.05.1997 - 10.31.2007). The numbers are from recent to oldest, left to right and in rows due to the large amount of data. Red lines represent the Power Ball numbers.

Here's just the Red (Power) Ball numbers for the last 10 years:

While this is still interesting at best, I will continue to play with it.

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